'Cause I can see where the chapter ends

I’ve got autumn leaves & heartbreak dreams inside


Get to know me meme: [four/five] favorite musical artists ■ Mumford & Sons

It’s a huge thing, it’s a massive thing and personally it does still feel like quite an accident, but a massive honour to be in this band. We don’t think we’re the greatest band ever and we don’t think that we’re the only band anyone should listen to, because we love too many other bands to say that. But we are proud of what we do and love what we do, and personally I just love it. I really love it, can’t get enough of it.
- Marcus Mumford



"We did a version of it in his living-room one night, where I just couldn’t stop laughing. It was the same when we actually shot it - both cracking up, trying to keep a straight face as I did a little pirouette"

 - Alex Turner talking about the Cornerstone music video




There’s always hope. But not for me.